St. Augustine on Prayer

Here are some short quotes of St. Augustine on prayer which I find very uplifting, followed by a short prayer to the saint who wrote them:

Holy prayer is the column of all virtues; a ladder to God; the support of widows, the foundation of faith; the crown of religious; the sweetness of the married life. (Auct. Serm. ad. Fratres in eremo apud St. Aug. Serm 22)

Prayer is the protection of holy souls; a consolation for the guardian angel; an insupportable torment to the devil; a most acceptable homage to God; the best and most perfect praise for penitents and religious; the greatest honor and glory; the preserver of spiritual health. (Aug. ad. Probam)

“Oh holy Saint, for many years you knew the torment of sin. You relished it, and held up heresy as though it were a great pearl, you loved unchastity and loathed the Church as something sacriligious. But the Lord, through his great divine mercy captured your heart from the bonds of sin, he lifted you out of the muck and mire, causing you to renounce your former heresy and to obediently be baptized. The Lord thought it good for you to become a shepherd of his flock, teaching his Gospel to your sheep, and ruling over them in love and charity.

Where once you were unchaste, you became a pillar of abstinence,
Where once you provoked the Lord, now you have become a shining star of obedience,
Where once you had been far off, now you are in the presence of the Most High God,

Therefore we honor you, oh great Doctor of the Church, defender against destroying heresies, and strong protector and shepherd of your flock and we do cry to you:

Rejoice, you once far off, for the prodigal has returned
Rejoice, oh pillar of the faith, for the Lord of Truth is with us.
Rejoice, oh ever obedient and shepherding one, For our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God
Rejoice, defender against heresies, for the sword of Truth, which is Christ, defeats all foes,
Rejoice, bishop of the Church, for the Light of the Holy Spirit shines forth from you,
Rejoice, oh penitent in soul, for your penance has won you a great pearl
Rejoice, for God is great in his Saints, and worthy to be praised.

To God be all dominion, power, and glory, Of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages.

Holy Protector and defender of Christians, Bishop Augustine, fervently pray for us, that the Lord may deliver us from all vices and all evil passions and may bring us unto eternal rest with his saints; that we may attain the goal of reaching that heavenly city, the city of God for which you longed for in life, and which in repose you now see. Most penitent, pillar of abstinence, pray that our hearts would throw off the shackles of sin, and embrace God, in whom we find our rest.



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  1. liz
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 18:11:21

    Thank you for this helpful post. I will use one of the quotes in an Augustinian service I am preparing . Your own prayer is extremely uplifting and has encouraged me to be rather bolder in my language than I had intended. Blessings Liz


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